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No more homework for children – China Government Action!

No more homework for children – China Government Action!

No Homework

The Corona period has paralyzed many businesses and activities, especially the education of children. Everything from school to college was shut down by the corona impact. Then every country is paving the way to educate students online.

In China, as in other countries, school children are being educated online by teachers through teachers. Students were taught an online class based on that. Students suffer a lot from this online education and suffer from depression. Thus the schools were opened.

It was in online tutoring that most of the course loads were given. However, even after the schools reopened, students were given more homework. The focus on homework did not give them enough time to play or engage in other intellectual activities. This caused great dissatisfaction among students and parents.

The government was consulted on the matter. After consultation, it was decided not to give homework to students, especially children. A new law has been enacted for this purpose. Homework has also been canceled after the government canceled the written test for children up to the age of 7.

It is also worth noting that the new education law has been enacted in response to a request from parents and the Chinese government for children to get adequate rest and exercise so that they do not spend too much time online.

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