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Not only worms but drones, also a farmer’s friend!

Not only worms but drones, also a farmer’s friend!

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Drone technology in farming is not a new one, the discovery of its application is fascinating in day to day life.

CASR, Center for Aerospace Research in Anna University is now involved in mapping farmlands to increase the crop yield and drastically reduce the pesticide usage in the fields. Once done, the report will be submitted to the Drone corporation of Tamil Nadu.

CASR officials said that a Drone-Aerial survey will help to identify chlorophyll (an essential pigment for photosynthesis) data of the plants. It can be achieved through multispectral sensors. Also, it can sense the disease stress data on crops.

Using the obtained data, the farmers can spray the pesticide in the early stage of the disease and can restrict the usage to the specific affected areas, instead of generically.

This will cut down the cost of pesticides and the harmful chemicals involved in the cultivation process. The data will be processed and farmers will be guided accordingly, he said.

The initiative will benefit the government in dropping off spending on subsidies for pesticides and will be a step in attaining organic agriculture practice.


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