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Now you can pay Rs 49 and enjoy Disney + Hotstar

By Team YourCoimbatore on 28th December 2021
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Disney + Hotstar is set to launch two new mobile plans in India. Aiming to introduce new subscription plans with very low (OTT) amounts, with the aim of attracting new customers. You can watch Disney + Hotstar on your mobile for a month by paying Rs 49. With this plan, mobile users can use Disney + Hotstar for one year by paying Rs.499.

This Rs. 49 If the scheme is introduced and is successful, then Disney plans to change to Rs. 99. It is expected to definitely attract new users. Rs. 49 pays for streaming with HD (720p) quality and stereo audio quality on mobile.

The Rs.49 program is said to be currently being tested for specific Android users. Also for some specific customers under another introductory offer of Rs. 199 project is also to be introduced. View pictures and games on all Disney + Hotstar’s in HD (720p) quality.

Logeshwaran J

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