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‘Nuclear bombs will save the earth’: Scientists’ surprising information

By Team YourCoimbatore on 3rd November 2021
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While the atomic bomb is considered a powerful substance to destroy the entire world, scientists have made a shocking claim about the atomic bomb. Foreign scientists say atomic bombs could be used to save Earth from asteroids. Scientists have backed the use of atomic bombs to prevent asteroids from hitting Earth in the future.

For some time now, the news of asteroid crossings near Earth has been a source of concern to the world. While asteroids are said to pose a major threat to human life if they collide with Earth, scientists are working to determine what will happen in the future if a large asteroid collides with Earth.

With the extinction of the dinosaurs from the face of the earth, some claim that something similar could happen to humans. However, apart from speculation, scientists around the world are still researching technology to remove asteroids coming close to Earth. To this end, asteroids are being researched to eliminate the threat of collisions with Earth.

New research, led by scientist Patrick King, has shown that with the help of more energy, asteroids can be smashed into smaller pieces with the help of the atomic bomb.

Logeshwaran J

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