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Officials to inspect weak school buildings in Coimbatore

Officials to inspect weak school buildings in Coimbatore

Officials to inspect weak school buildings in Coimbatore:

A day after three students of a private school were killed in a wall collapse in Tirunelveli, district chief education officer N Geetha on Saturday said the process to identify weak school buildings in the region would begin on Monday.

After the tragic incident, the state government had directed the school education department to ensure the safety of school children. The officer said headmasters have started sending pictures of school buildings as documentary evidence of their condition.

According to Geetha, All the government and aided schools will be inspected in the next few days to identify weak buildings that are not suitable for use.

“We asked officials to inspect the stability of buildings in government, government-aided and private schools,” school education minister Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi said on Saturday. The department allocated Rs 250 crore for repair work and issued demolition orders if buildings were deemed unsafe. “After demolition, schools can use classrooms in nearby schools (or) rent buildings,” he said.

The school education department sought a report from chief educational officers on unsafe buildings in schools that must be demolished. The report is to be submitted by the end of December and the department will take action accordingly.

These inspections and checking of buildings are all happening after the death of 3 students. Why do the officials and departments fail to check the condition of school buildings periodically?. If the maintenance happened properly before, we could save the lives of three children.

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