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Omicron exposure to increase in India! – Dr. Angelique

By Team YourCoimbatore on 30th December 2021
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Angelique, a medical expert from South Africa who first discovered the Omicron virus, said that the incidence of the Omicron virus in India would be higher than it is now, and that vaccination could reduce the spread of the virus. Dr. Angelique Goyatsi, president of the South African Medical Association, discovered this new type of omicron infection there last month.

Currently the Omicron virus is spreading around the world. Angelique said the number was rising as the number of infections in India increased. The Omicron virus adheres rapidly to the body of people with low immunity. Omicron in children can be cured in five to six days.

The severity of the Omicron infection is likely to increase in a few more months. I do not agree with the notion that Omicron infection, like corona infection, will fail over time. It’s exactly a few more years. The number of Omicron infections in India is expected to rise sharply. But the death toll will remain low.

Logeshwaran J

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