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Onion grader – a machine to wipe tears of small marginal farmers in Coimbatore – 27July2021

Onion grader – a machine to wipe tears of small marginal farmers in Coimbatore – 27July2021

ICAR- Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering has developed a customed motorised onion grader to sort small onions into three sizes and a cleaner according to the news reported by TIMES OF INDIA

The problems in procuring the onions for export are muddy and dissimilar sized onions, despite its good quality. Most of the onion supplied to Coimbatore were procured from the Dindugal onion market. The best sowing seasons are from May to June and from October to November.

As published in business standard in the year 2016, TNAU Coimbatore has encouraged and advised farmers to sow shallots as the forecasting monsoon will determine a good price.

Onion Grader – Farmer friendly machine

The onions are classified according to its size and visual quality Co1, Co2, Co3, Co4, and Co(on)5. In this Co5 is usually an export variety of onions. There are no separate Co5 quality seeds but some of the onions based on their gene and insect resistance will come under Co(on)5 category.

onion grader

Motorised onion grader by ICMR in 2014

Usually, a manual labor force will be involved to separate the onions based on their qualities. In the case of Small and marginal farmers, they couldn’t bear the cost of the labor force so they are compelled by the middlemen to sell the good quality shallots at a poor price.

“In late 2019, we decided to develop a machine that will grade onions, So that farmers can have uniformly- sized onions for sale. Uniformity in size is a crucial factor for export” a scientist said. Now they have come with a machine, it contains different holes to grade and a cleaner. The raw onions from the field have to be spread on this machine, the cleaner will rectify the muds and sent them to the grader, there onions will be differentiated.

The cleaner and grader combinedly would cost about 90,000 Indian rupees approximately. S Revathi, an onion farmer from Narasipuram, said that the onion de topper would reduce labor costs by 50%

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