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Preliminary training for polling officials

Preliminary training for polling officials

Election, Tamil nadu

Preliminary training was given to the polling officials involved in the urban local elections. They were also given a booster vaccine. Urban elections for 1 corporation, 7 municipalities and 33 municipalities in Coimbatore district will be held on the 19th.

There are 41 Returning Officers, 110 Assistant Returning Officers and 10 thousand 172 Polling Officers employed in this election. They are usually trained in 3 phases.

Thus the first training classes took place. Coimbatore Nirmala College, B.Sc.G. Training was imparted at 5 places including College, Ramanathapuram Girls School, RS Puram Ammaniyammal School.

Similarly, polling officers working in 7 municipal elections were trained in their respective municipal areas and those involved in municipal election work were trained in 9 places. 10 thousand people participated in this training. They were divided into groups of 50 and trained in considering the spread of corona infection.

Electronic voting machines are being used in this election. So how to connect the control unit and the ballot unit to the electronic voting machines, what to do in case of repair, Officials gave various explanations on how to seal the ballot box and how to clear the information before the ballot.

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