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Prohibition of carrying flammable materials due to drought in the forest

Prohibition of carrying flammable materials due to drought in the forest

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Wild elephant, tiger, leopard, bear, wildebeest, deer and various wildlife and rare species of plants are found in the forest areas of Pollachi, Ulandi, Valparai and Manampalli.
At this stage, the forest area is losing its greenery due to low rainfall. There is a risk of wildfires as the forest is dry. And because of the lack of water in the streams, wildlife is migrating in search of water.

Therefore, the Forest Department has been distributing awareness leaflets on the orders of Anas Hill Tiger Corps Director Ramasubramaniam and Deputy Director Ganesan to prevent fires in the forest by tourists.

Pollachi Forest Ranger Pukazhenthi led the notice to the tourists at the Azhiyar Forest Department check post. Forester Satish, forest officials and anti-hunting guards were present. The forest department said: –

Precautionary measures have been taken to prevent wildfires in the forest area. Accordingly, a special committee comprising foresters and anti-poaching guards has been set up.

The team is on intensive patrol in the forest. The leaves have fallen into the forest and the trees have dried up. So tourists should not bring flammable materials. Strict action will be taken against tourists who violate the rules.

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