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PSG College of Arts and Science conducts Anti-Ragging Awareness Week

PSG College of Arts and Science conducts Anti-Ragging Awareness Week

In an effort to promote responsible behavior among college students, the Anti-Ragging Awareness Week was organized at PSG College of Arts and Science in Coimbatore on August 24, Thursday. The event presided by College Principal, Dr. D. Brindha.

The occasion was graced by the presence of K. Bhavaneeswari, Inspector General (IG) of West Zone, who served as the chief guest, while addressing the students she insisted that students should uphold responsible conduct and avoid disruptive behaviors.

Bhavaneeswari’s speech shed light on the significance of college life and the imperative to refrain from engaging in unlawful activities such as “Ragging,” which encompasses behaviors that disturb the educational environment. She shared insights from research that indicate a correlation between low self-confidence and involvement in antisocial activities like Ragging. Urging students to be bold and assertive, she encouraged them to approach the police and file complaints against such behaviors if they come across any. Assuring the students of prompt action, she highlighted the Coimbatore police’s commitment in addressing such concerns.

Addressing recent concerns, Bhavanesewari raised awareness about attempts to introduce caste-based discrimination within schools and colleges. She urged students to resist such divisive efforts and emphasized the importance of pursuing personal and educational goals without succumbing to discrimination. She deliberated that unity and inclusiveness are pivotal for individual progress.

Dr. D. Brindha, Principal of PSG College of Arts and Sciences, emphasized the institution’s commitment to nurturing a tranquil and harmonious atmosphere, reminiscent of a Temple of knowledge. With pride, she declared that PSG College of Arts and Sciences has upheld a ragging-free campus for the last decade.

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The event commenced with a warm welcome extended by C.R. Jayaprakash, Head, Department of Communication. G. Radha, Head, Department of Visual Communication, expressed gratitude and offered the vote of thanks.

The Anti-Ragging Awareness week at PSG College of Arts and Sciences served as an important platform to advocate responsible behavior along with a positive and conducive learning environment among the student community.


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