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PSG College of Arts and Science Hosts Thought-Provoking Seminar on Women’s Significance in Cinema

PSG College of Arts and Science Hosts Thought-Provoking Seminar on Women’s Significance in Cinema


PSG College of Arts and Science hosted a thought-provoking seminar delving into the significant role of women in the film industry. Organized by the Department of Visual Communication and Electronic Media, the event brought together esteemed guests and scholars to explore this pertinent subject.

Sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research, the seminar was graced by the presence of College Vice Principal A. Anguraj, who presided over the proceedings. Renowned Film Director V. Priya, known for her work in the film ‘Kanda Naal Mudhal’, was the distinguished special guest.

The guests including Assistant Professor V. Ilamparithi from the Electronic Media Department of Madurai Kamarajar University, Elango Natesan, former Head of the English Department at Madurai American College, and Uma Vangal, the Dean of Chennai International Institute of Film and Culture, who all served as guests of honor.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from the Head of Department, G. Radha.

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Addressing the audience, Film Director Priya reflected on the historical evolution of women’s roles in cinema. She emphasized the transformative journey from a time, when women were scarcely involved, even as makeup artists, to the present day where they contribute across various facets of filmmaking. Priya highlighted the challenges women face in the industry, asserting their resilience and ability to surmount obstacles and succeed. She championed the ongoing and future achievements of women in cinema and beyond.

Assistant Professor Panbu Selvan also participated in the event. This seminar served as a platform for dialogue and reflection on the invaluable contributions of women to the cinematic landscape, underscoring their enduring impact and potential for further advancement in the industry.

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