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PSG Hospitals does 5 organ transplantation procedures in the last week of December 2022

PSG Hospitals does 5 organ transplantation procedures in the last week of December 2022

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The organ transplantation in Tamil Nadu has become a boon for the people in the state with the clear medico legal procedures that was a first in the country. This has helped a lot of patients get a new lease of life literally. This is achieved and executed by a well organised platform Transtan by the Govt of Tamil Nadu according to Dr. JS Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Super Speciality Hospitals, Coimbatore. He also added that PSG was the only hospital in this region to have Heart Transplant along with Liver and Kidney Transplants.

Dr. JS Bhuvaneswaran, during his meet with the press along with the organ transplantation team announced that in the last week of December 2022, they had 5 transplants done across 2 hearts, 2 livers and one kidney from two brain dead patients which was a record being done at a single institution within the time frame.

“Though the persons met with an accident unfortunately, the organ transplantation has helped 6 people with new lease of life. Five of the receivers were patients at PSG Hospitals and the families are happy and they are in the process of discharge.”

“This can only be possible with an infrastructure that is superior, a dedicated team of experienced doctors, nurses and the paramedical team he added.”

We must also look to minimise road accidents and this is a possibility only when both govt and the private players join hands to work on this. On the other hand, the awareness should be made so families of brain dead donors come forward to donate the organs.

At PSG Hospitals, he said, these procedures are done at a very minimal cost and also are covered under Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Scheme. It is also noteworthy that Tamil Nadu was a pioneer when it came to organ donation and transplantation and the first to codify and clarify the medico legal procedures related to Organ donation from Brain dead donors.

We know that transplants are costly but the government has made it possible with the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Scheme and we need to really appreciate the Govt on this front.

Talking about the logistics he said last month for a case an organ was transported from Madurai in about 2 and a half hours with a Green Corridor which is not possible without Govt help. He also added that drone facility will be a reality soon for medical purposes.

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With transplants becoming easy now it’s time to create more awareness so that many people will come forward to donate the organs. He also added that the awareness has to be built up with the family of the donor so they take the right decision in case of an unfortunate brain death scenario.

PSG Hospitals is well equipped to handle these emergencies with a dedicated team of doctors with rich experience and a state-of-the-art infrastructure to add to the whole process of organ transplantation. The pre and post medical care is also a significant procedure in transplantation and this requires very critical care and that can happen only with the dedication of all the people involved from doctors, to nurses to the whole team and with 5 transplants the team actually did a fantastic job in that week and the following week.

Dr. Venkatakrishnan, Head of Liver Transplant Team, Dr. Pradeep, leading the Heart Transplant Team along with Dr. Ananthanarayanan, Dr. Sivakumar, Anesthesiologist, Dr. Venu, Head of Kidney Transplant team, Dr. Vasanth, Dr. Arivazhagan, along with Dr. Prashanth, Dr. Ganeshan, Anesthesiologists; Dr, Vishnu and Dr. Rathy coordinators of the organ transplantation, were present during the meet the press programme.

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