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PSG Institute of Management celebrated the National Management Week

PSG Institute of Management celebrated the National Management Week

PSG Institute of Management , Coimbatore celebrated the National Management Week from August 1st to August 7th , 2022 . The theme for the week was titled as Anwesha.

Project Anwesha

Project Anvesha and over 50 activities were conducted by the students which espoused societal welfare, environment, education and awareness initiatives based on the 8 key facets:

8 facets of anwesha

Indicative activities included:

  • Mapping the lakes in Coimbatore for wastes, plastics and other issues and collecting waste and depositing them at recycling centers and public information initiative
  • Collecting off the street discarded face masks safely and disposing them whilst informing public about the need for caution and social distancing and the way to safely dispose used masks.
  • Visiting a school for children with special needs, engaging them in activities and sponsoring the school lunch on a special day: Teacher’s Day , September 2022.

Giving gifts of appreciation to 200+ front line workers to acknowledge their contribution to society. The gift was 5 Star chocolates !

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Mr. S. Ramesh Kumar, Chief Founder and Mentor at CPMS and Dr. V Srividya, Director i/c PSGIM presenting a 5-star gift to a front line worker.

The weather did not deter the students and they were keen to continue their projects well beyond Sunday and they are expanding their reach today Monday and tomorrow , being a public holiday.

Dr. V . Srividya in her address said, “  PSGIM has a long legacy of active participation and leadership at the Association of Indian Management Schools. We particularly look forward to their Annual Conferences where we get opportunities to showcase PSGIM’s contribution to management education and also to network and learn from our peers. Such events help us innovate, create higher value propositions for management education and indeed reinvigorate our societal engagement and the fact that management has a sterling role to play in society and the challenges we face.”

“This year’s conference is special. We are celebrating India’s 75th anniversary of Independence. Serving society is the cornerstone of PSG & Sons’ charities and an enshrined mission pillar at PSG Institute of Management. It is an natural extension of learning, teaching and service for us using the CSG Matrix we follow: The Caring, Sharing, Giving principles. We look forward to more initiatives in the coming months. A week is not enough”

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