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Rajesh Nair & new office bearers take over at the Advertising Club installation ceremony

Rajesh Nair & new office bearers take over at the Advertising Club installation ceremony

rajesh nair

The whole advertising fraternity was in attendance at the installation ceremony of the new office bearers of the Advertising Club of Coimbatore.

Mr. K Rajesh Nair, of Malayala Manorama took over as President from the outgoing team led by Mr. Mervyn Jussy, Locus Communications.  Mr. Mervyn recalled some of the wonderful moments that he had with his team and hope that this revival of the offline events would give more impetus to the organisation. This is a much-needed event post covid and is a testament of the resilience that Coimbatore and its brands are known for. He thanked his team and gave away the baton to the incoming President Rajesh Nair.

Rajesh Nair


Mr. Rajesh Nair during his address recalled his association in the industry as well as the significance of the date 28, which marked his 28 years in the industry and with Malayala Manorama. He also dwelt at length the way Coimbatore and its brands crossed over the Covid period and come back bouncing as ever before. He also spelt out some of the programs in store like a coffee table book of Coimbatore brands, more industry institution linkage so the students can learn from the industry.

Rajesh Nair


He also said it was time for a big conclave or a summit that Coimbatore was missing for some time on advertising. He said he was looking forward to contribute to the fraternity with all the best of the team that he has joined him as he introduced them.

The Guest of Honour for the day was Mr. Verghese Chandy, VP Marketing, Advertising Sales, Malayala Manorama, Kottayam. The audience were led to a visual treat of the history of the behemoth that Malayala Manorama was with a wonderful audio-visual presentation.


Mr. Verghese Chandy recalled some of the best of advertising moments in Indian advertising especially the advent of televisions (color tvs) especially the 1982 Asian Games which started the commercialization of TV and the history thereafter.

He dwelt at length the changing nature of the media and how analytics or data is becoming difficult to arrive at in terms of ROI. He also said the recent advances like Chat GPT could change the outlook of advertising in a way unimagined.

He said that the print media would continue to hold forth given the time that it reserves as a slot for the day for times to come.

The Chief Guest of the day was Mr. Sivaram, Managing Director, Classic Polo, Tirupur. During his Chief Guest address, he spoke on the way the digital is fast becoming an important part of the consumers. The change is imminent as he jovially put the elders had become boomer uncles for advertising.

Sivaram Calssi Polo

He also said that the landscape is changing fast and the brands and agencies need to keep up with it. He emphasised the need to be really look into the way the media is changing and then work alongside to get the most of the ROI.

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He said agencies were a pillar of support for brands and they need to work together to overcome the issues that the brands may face. He also touched upon corporate social responsibility of brands and that would help them retain the brand values. He spoke about the tree plantation efforts that are changing the landscape of Tirupur making it a mini forest and how the media reportage from Dina Malar is making all the difference to the project.


Some of the most prominent industry stalwarts present included, Mr. R S Swaminathan, Founder of Sasi Advertising, Mr. Krishna Kumar, Akarsh Advertising, Mr. Rajat Gupta, Brand Krafts,

Mr. R L Shivakumar, The Hindu Coimbatore is the president elect and following are the team members who were installed during the ceremony:

Vice President – Mr. Jayakrishnan, Ideas Advertising

Secretary – Dr. P Sadhasivam, Director GRG School of Management Studies

Jt Secretary – Mr. Ramesh, Ashoka Advertising

Treasurer – Mr. M Prabakaran, Pranavam & Pranavam Advertising.

Malayala Manorama was the main sponsor for the event and hosted the dinner for the guests.

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