19th January 2022
  • 19th January 2022

Re-missile test in North Korea; Alert world nations!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 12th January 2022
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South Korea and the Japanese military said North Korea test-fired another ballistic missile in its eastern season Tuesday, its second test this week.

In the past, North Korea has conducted frequent weapons tests in 2021. It landed North Korea in an attempt to improve its military capabilities during the lockdown, as global epidemics and nuclear peace talks with the United States came to a halt.

South Korea’s coalition leaders say North Korea has fired a single missile from its interior in its eastern seas, and South Korean and U.S. forces are examining the missile.

It was not immediately clear how far the missile had fallen. Japan’s Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Defense have said the weapon could be a ballistic missile.

Logeshwaran J

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