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Republic Day celebrations at PSG IMSR

Republic Day celebrations at PSG IMSR

republic day at PSG IMSR

Dr JS Bhuvaneswaran, Director, PSG Super Speciality Hospitals, led the Republic Day celebrations at PSG IMSR / Hospitals celebrating the 75 years of India Republic.

During his speech he highlighed the responsibilities of the citizens.

This is his speech: 75 years of being a republic having got our independence in 1947, the major change in governance happened in 1950 wherein the current practice of parliamentary rule was implemented in free India.

Years have rolled, government have changed and we have to honestly ask a question where are we? How are we? What are we going to be?

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We have come a long way in terms of infrastructure developments, economic stability, digitalization, research and growth, food revolution and military strength but on the humanitarian side, we have become self-centered, indisciplined, ethics and tolerance. As a responsible citizen it’s our duty to respect and support the country by way of behaving ourselves. Honestly all of us know what to do, and what not to do. Unfortunately we have taken our freedom mistakenly as “We can do anything”. It is a responsibility of every single individual to uphold our dharmic principles irrespective of whether you are appreciated or not. Let’s take this personally as a challenge to believe as a better human being at every place, level, phase and situation. Our only aim is to become a better citizen day by day and our dream of becoming a developed country by 2047 can become a reality.

Jai Hind…

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