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Rex Hospital introduces 1st fully automated Robotic Surgery System for Joint Replacement in Tamilnadu

Rex Hospital introduces 1st fully automated Robotic Surgery System for Joint Replacement in Tamilnadu

Rex Hospital, Coimbatore today inaugurated  the sophisticated Ingenious 3rd generation fully Automatic Joint Replacement Robotic System in their ortho surgery armamentarium. This is the first fully automatic robotic system introduced in Tamilnadu for Joint replacement.

Dr. Sylendra Babu, IPS, DGP, Tamilnadu State, inaugurated the Robotic Knee Surgery.

During the address he stressed the need for healthy life and exercise and more importantly have more work for legs that would ensure healthy life. The miracles of Science has made it happen for us to live longer. He also congratulated the hospitals for making this service available in Tamilnadu.

Osteoarthritis of knee is a common problem with prevalence of 1 out 5 people after the age of 60 years. Few of them end up in several pain due to arthritis needing joint replacement. The procedure of total knee arthroplasty has advanced greatly with the development of new materials and the increasing understanding of the knee joint biomechanics. An accurate alignment of the component and soft tissue balancing has been cited as the crux for the success of total knee arthroplasty. Artificial intelligence and automation have brought revolution in healthcare industry. This technological advancement has also been a blessing in Orthopaedics to treat the patients with knee arthritis with robotic knee replacement.

After the advent of robotic technology in various surgeries, the robotic surgery in joint replacement has come ahead with its highly accurate and precise designing according to the individual shape and size. The ROBOTIC system in the hands of experienced orthopaedic surgeon, provides high degree of precision, with very minimal removal of bone. The post-operative recovery is very smooth with much less pain and compared to traditional knee replacement. The surgery is done with minimal intervention resulting in less chance of infection.

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The cutting-edge Technology from Meril Life sciences, Cuvis Joint Robot is the world’s first fully active robotic joint replacement system which is now making joint replacement surgeries more easy, consistent and hassle-free in Rex Hospital and comes as a bliss for those suffering from severe arthritis. This not only reduces the Human Errors but also enables perfect precision and replicates the same anatomy as depicted by nature.

Rex Ortho hospital Chief Orthopaedic surgeon, Prof Dr C Rex with an experience of conducting more than 8000 successful knee joint replacement surgeries, says “The impeccable precision of robotic joint replacement will give the patient the best clinical outcome and garner maximum patient satisfaction. This is an invaluable addition for performance of simultaneous both knee joint replacement in single surgery with less time and least blood loss. This will be the future of all knee replacement surgeries and this robotic technology promises to redefine the healthcare for patients suffering with crippling arthritis. We have always lived up to spearheading technological advancement which makes it a win-win situation for both the patients and the surgeon.”

Dr. Singaravadivelu, Director, Madras Institute of Orthopaedics, Madras Medical College, Chennai,  Dr CJ Ravi, Secretary, Tamilnadu Orthopaedics Association, Dr Balakrishna Veliah, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore also participated.

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