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Rohit Sharma’s reaction to Virat Kohli’s resignation ..!

Rohit Sharma’s reaction to Virat Kohli’s resignation ..!

Rohit Sharma's reaction to Virat Kohli's resignation ..!

Virat Kohli has announced his resignation as India’s Test captain. His announcement comes just days after the defeat in the South African Test series. Virat Kohli holds the record for most Test captains in India. Under his leadership, the Indian team recorded a historic victory over England and Australia on home soil

But why did Virat Kohli make this decision? The question has arisen in public. The relationship between him and the BCCI has not been smooth in recent times. Announcing his resignation as the over 20 captain, the goalie continued to express his desire to lead the Indian ODI and Test team.

However, the BCCI decided that it was not right to have two captains for short format matches and removed Virat Kohli from the captaincy one day. This decision, taken before the South Africa series, caused him great dissatisfaction.

Virat Kohli also spoke openly about it in public. It is said that Virat Kohli may have made this decision even because of that dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma said on Instagram that he was shocked by Virat Kohli’s decision. Praising Virat for his tremendous contribution as a Test captain, Rohit Sharma said he appreciated Virat’s decision.

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