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Rs 4 lakh confiscated from a vegetable trader near Pollachi

Rs 4 lakh confiscated from a vegetable trader near Pollachi

TN election, Flying squad

Urban local government elections will be held on the 19th in Tamil Nadu. The Election Flying Corps has been set up to prevent the distribution of cash and gift items to voters during this election.

The Flying squad, set up in the Coimbatore district, is engaged in intensive surveillance. At this point, the air force led by Deputy Tahsildar Gayatri was engaged in surveillance in the Modirapuram area near Pollachi.

They then stopped and checked the motorcycle until it came through. There was Rs 4 lakh on the cover of the motorcycle. Authorities immediately investigated the occupant.

It was revealed that he was Palanisamy (47) of Mahalakshmi Avenue, Suleswaranpatti, who was running a vegetable business. Authorities immediately asked for documents for the money.

Authorities confiscated Rs 4 lakh from him as he did not have documents. The money was then handed over to Sooleswaranpatti Municipal Election Officer Chandrammal.

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