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RS Puram Uzhavar Sandhai to get certified as “Clean and fresh fruit and vegetable market”

RS Puram Uzhavar Sandhai to get certified as “Clean and fresh fruit and vegetable market”

Uzhavar Sandhai

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has selected the Uzhavar Sandhai (farmers’ market) at RS Puram to be certified as a ‘clean and fresh fruit and vegetable market’.

The decision was taken on Thursday after a discussion with officials of the agriculture department, who manage the market. “We will soon launch pre-audit processes at the market, which will be followed by training to improve safety and hygiene.

At the end of the process, the market will get a ‘clean and fresh fruit and vegetable market’ certificate from FSSAI. Customers will feel a marked difference after the initiative is implemented successfully,” the designated officer of FSSAI K Tamilselvan said.

The initiative aims to promote the availability of safe and hygienic fruits and vegetables. “Traders in the market will get registered with the food safety department. Only fruits ripened using safe ripening methods will be sold. Particularly, the use of carbide gas for ripening, which can cause health problems, will be prohibited.

All fruits and vegetables sold in the market will be free from colouring agents, mineral oils and harmful chemicals,” the official said.

All vendors will wear marks and footwear. Vendors will be encouraged to wash their hands before starting a business and after using the toilet. Eating, chewing pan, smoking and spitting on the market premises will be prohibited. Those who have health problems will be restrained from selling to avoid microbial contamination.

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This is great news for farmers to get recognition to sell their fruits and vegetables in a certified environment. Likewise, all Uzhavar Sandhai in Tamilnadu should get certification which increases their business and farmers get benefit from it.


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