19th January 2022
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Russian company sues WHO for stealing company name

By Team YourCoimbatore on 7th December 2021
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The CEO of Omicron Network of Ophthalmology Clinics has filed a lawsuit against the World Health Organization. CEO Alexander Badar has accused the new Govt of harming his business by naming his clinic after a variant.

“The fact that our clinic’s name is a registered trademark and that it is a leading service provider in the medical and healthcare industry, the naming of the virus as Omicron will have a huge impact on us,” he said.

The businessman has invested heavily in marketing his clinics around the world. However, now that the name of the new Govt variant has been changed to Omicron, he says that when someone searches his clinics on the website, they get no information about their clinic, only news, and information about the Kovid variant.

“If your relative or friend dies due to an omicran infection, it is natural to be reluctant to go to the clinic of the same name,” the company’s executive explained.

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