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SBI Mega E-Auction- Super opportunity to buy house, land at the lowest price

SBI Mega E-Auction- Super opportunity to buy house, land at the lowest price


State Bank of India, the country’s largest state-owned bank, has come up with great offers for its customers. If you are planning to buy a new house, shop or flat, SBI has come up with a golden opportunity for you.
SBI offers a good opportunity to buy expensive assets cheaply. The bank said in a statement that it will hold an online auction for commercial and residential properties on October 25.
Banks auction off mortgaged assets. You can take advantage of the best offers by participating in this auction. Under this, you have the opportunity to make a profit by auctioning a house, land or shop at a lower price than the current interest rate in the market. Other details have been announced in a public announcement for the auction.
In his tweet, SBI said, ‘The opportunity for big investment has come. Join us at the e-auction to pick the best bid. The bank is auctioning off the mortgage assets of those who have not repaid the loan to repay the loan.
The bank mortgages residential property or commercial property to the borrower in the form of a bank guarantee to lend to the public. Advertisements are published through other branches of the bank, newspapers and media. Information about property auctions is given in this advertisement.
EMD must be deposited for the property given in the E-Auction Notice. Apart from this, the KYC document should be displayed at the concerned bank branch. On the other hand, the bidder must have a digital signature. Otherwise, you can contact the e-bidder or the authorized company for this.


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