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Scientists Discover a New Part of the Human Body

By Team YourCoimbatore on 29th December 2021
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Scientists have discovered a new part of the body. It is worth noting that there is no previous reference to this part. This area is found in the deeper layer of the mastoid muscle of the jaw. The Masseter Muscle raises the lower part of the jaw. It plays an important role in chewing food.

The Modern Anatomy textbook refers to two layers of the master. It has a deep and shallow layer. The discovery was published in the online edition of the scientific journal Anals of Anatomy. Scientists say their team has begun research to find a hidden organ in the jaw muscles that has been written in history books.

To carry out this scientific research, the bodies of 12 dead people were preserved with formaldehyde. When the scientists examined the head of the body, they got shocking results. They found another part of the body, not far from the place mentioned in the ancient texts.

Logeshwaran J

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