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Segregation of waste doubles in 10 days from Coimbatore wards:

Segregation of waste doubles in 10 days from Coimbatore wards:

Segregation of waste

The quantity of segregated waste collected by the city corporation has doubled in the past 10 days, said corporation commissioner Raja Gopal Sunkara on Wednesday.

While about 90 tonnes of segregated waste were collected in a day on an average 10 days ago, it has gradually increased and touched 175 tonnes per day as on Tuesday. The civic body is collecting 850 tonnes of garbage on an average day.

Segregation at source helps the corporation in disposing of waste easily. The segregated waste can be directly fed into a shredder to cut it into pieces and use for the production of manure. Segregated waste is also used to produce vermicompost in a facility available in the Vellalore dumping yard, the commissioner told.

Each of the 100 wards was given a target of collecting two tonnes of segregated waste a day. With a push from sanitary inspectors of respective wards, the collection of segregated waste has increased in the past few days, the officer said.

“While some of the residents handed over degradable and non-degradable waste separately, in some areas, sanitary workers dumped them together during the door-to-door collection defeating the very purpose. It has been set right now by giving clear instruction,” he said.

Segregated waste collection at the source level was an important aspect in Swachh Survekshan, an annual survey of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation conducted by the Centre across the country.

A sanitary inspector from the east zone said there was some reluctance among residents earlier when they were told to segregate waste. “But there is a visible change in the past few days in some of the areas. When people realized that the corporation meant business, they tend to follow the instruction. Non-degradable waste is collected once or twice a day, while degradable waste is being collected regularly,” he said.

But still, a lot has to be done to make the practice a norm, health officials said. “Sanitary workers, sometimes, face the ire of residents. There are instances when workers were castigated by residents for conveying the corporation’s new rule,” a sanitary inspector from the south zone said.

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The people’s cooperation with the corporation is appreciable. They should give constant support to make our Coimbatore city clean.


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