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Separate room for crying! The country that allocates funds for mental well-being!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 20th October 2021
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In this mechanical world, everyone is running towards every goal. Man is now turning into a machine. If the machine continues to run, it will malfunction itself, and there will be many unspeakable murmurs inside every human being who is running.
Not to mention, however, that many people become depressed and lose their lives. Many people get depressed and depressed, and some struggle to get out of it. The fact is that every human being in every genre is under the influence of stress. The very thought of getting out of stress somehow pushes some to further depression.
With this in mind, Spain has done something spectacular, it is the ‘crying room’ this strange crying room is set up in the city of Marti, Spain. This room was created to relieve people’s stress. Many people who are suffering from anxiety and depression come to this crying room. So many people come in and the question will arise in you as to what is so in this room.
It means as soon as you enter this room you will find many sentences like ‘I am also worried to enter this room and cry’. Also, those who come into this room are arranged to have a phone conversation with whomever they want to pour out their grievances to.
There are many psychological counsellors here who think that there is no one to listen to their worries. Psychologists there are also facilitated to deal with the anxieties that linger in their minds.
One in ten people in Spain have been diagnosed with a psychological disorder, and the cry room has been opened in consultation with psychologists.
It is also noteworthy that the government is allocating funds separately to look after the mental welfare of the people. This crying room has received a terrific reception among the people. Many people are using this room as a great place to get rid of their worries due to this new idea of ​​the experts.
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