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Severe work on overhead tanks for water project in Coimbatore

Severe work on overhead tanks for water project in Coimbatore

Corporation commissioner M Prathap on Friday said they were closely monitoring the construction of overhead tanks for the 24×7 drinking water supply to complete them at the earliest.

He said eight of the 33 overhead tanks would be completed by the end of this year and another 20 by February next year. “The remaining four will be delayed as they are only in the basement stage at present. They will be completed in a year,” Prathap said. Construction of overhead tanks is an important component of the 24×7 drinking water project being implemented by Suez Private Limited on behalf of the city corporation.

The project aims at providing round-the-clock water supply to 1.5 lakh houses in the old city area.
Pointing out that the pending payment to Suez was dragging the project a few months ago, Prathap said the work was in full swing now as they had cleared all the dues. “Additional manpower has been deployed to speed up the work.”

According to him, the project requires laying pipelines along 800 roads to supply water to the households from the main lines. “The work has been completed on 650 roads. We have also been relaying the roads immediately after the completion of work to ensure a smooth ride for the motorists.”

Prathap said the pipeline laying work on some of the busy roads in the central zone was progressing only at a snail’s pace, as it was being carried out without affecting the traffic. “Workers hardly get five hours to lay the pipeline at night, when vehicular movement comes down. To make the most out of the available time, manpower has been increased,” he added.

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