6th December 2021
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Shallots ruined, incessant rains, price surge is expected

By on 16th October 2021 1 100 Views

Farmers at Gobichettipalayam, Semmandampalayam, Nambiyur, and Elathur villages had cultivated shallots on more than 300 acres.




Heavy rain has shattered the hopes of shallot farmers because a large quantity of the harvested crop has perished after getting soaked in rainwater.

The farmers are now sorting out the good ones and dumping the rotten ones in garbage bins. The farmers said the shallot is now priced at Rs.40 per kg in the retail market.

The rate would rise even higher in the coming weeks until the new stock is available. Meanwhile, wholesalers also claim that the damage has affected their livelihood.

Farmers have asked the district administration and the State government to send agriculture department officials to inspect their farms and assess the losses.

“Many of us had taken loans to grow shallots. We are no longer in a position to repay the loans now that our crops have been destroyed, a farmer said.


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