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Shocking News: Does air pollution reduce sperm count?

Shocking News: Does air pollution reduce sperm count?

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There has been a shocking report for men, especially residents of areas with high levels of air pollution. It has been reported that air pollution can not only cause you many diseases but also reduce the number of sperm (Air Pollution Affects Fertility).

Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical School (UMSOM) have found in their research how air pollution affects the number of sperm by causing inflammation in the brain. This study has been published in a journal. Even before this, it was reported that polluted air had an effect on sperm.

Breathing polluted air is dangerous for men. This can reduce the sperm count of men. Research shows that in stressful situations when the brain is in direct contact with the sex organs, it affects fertility and sperm count. Air pollution affects the brain. This effect on the brain affects the sperm.

Zekang Ying, UMSOM University Leading Researcher and Assistant Professor of Medicine said we are exploring whether air pollution can also find a treatment for this damage to sperm.

According to Charles Hong, professor of medicine at UMSOM University and director of cardiology research, air pollution can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart-related diseases. Pollution causes inflammation of the brain, which is said to have an impact on sperm because sperm is also involved in brain activity.

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