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Si’Tarc launches project in Coimbatore for MSMEs

Si’Tarc launches project in Coimbatore for MSMEs

Si'Tarc, MSMEs

The Scientific and Industrial Testing and Research Centre (Si’Tarc) and the Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI), Coimbatore chapter, have launched a programme here to empower the Micro, Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (MSMEs).

President of Si’Tarc Ma. Sendhil Kumar and its vice-president K. Mohan Senthil Kumar said the programme for MSMEs in the engineering sector was expected to start with about 100 units and in the long-term cover almost 10,000 units.

“With the lockdown and raw material price rise, micro and small scale enterprises are in trouble. Many unit owners have moved out of business, taken up other jobs. From our side, we want to support these by helping the units adopt modern tools such as Kaizen and 5 S,” said Mr Sendil Kumar.

The units will pay ₹ 25,000 for the four-month programme. All the costs and processes at the unit will be analysed and by the end of four months, the unit will see 3 % to 5 % savings and recover the invested amount, they say.
“Units with just one or two lathes or one or two CNC machines will benefit the most,” added Mr Mohan Senthil Kumar.

With these measures, the units will be able to take up Defence and high-end orders later.

The QCFI will send its faculty to the participating units and guide the entrepreneurs.
The units will get a certificate from QCFI at the end of the programme. If interested, they can take up intensified training later. Just about 2 % of MSMEs and hardly any in the micro sector have adopted these modern tools in the Coimbatore district.

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Of the 50,000 MSMEs in the district, at least 10,000 to 20,000 should implement these tools in the long run, they add. This project will help small and micro-units who suffer from raw material price raise.


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