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Snowfall in desert Saudi Arabia; People celebrating a rare event!

Snowfall in desert Saudi Arabia; People celebrating a rare event!

Snowfall, Saudi Arabia

People are happy with the snowfall in Saudi Arabia, which is known for its desert and extreme heat. Many of its photos and videos are going viral on social media. In one video, you can see Saudi men dancing traditional dances in the joy of snowfall.

Although snowfall scenes have been seen in Tabuk before, it is very rare for people to dance to such music in the snow. Thousands of tourists have flocked to Al-Lodge Mountain near Tabuk to enjoy the snowfall.

The region also received heavy snowfall in February last year. Then the snow broke the record of the last 50 years. According to the BBC, the Saudi state news agency SPA has released pictures of cars covered in snow.

Every year in Saudi Arabia, the Jabal al-Laj, Jabal al-Tahir and Jabal al-Khan mountains in Tabuk receive two to three weeks of snowfall, according to the Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat. These mountains are located in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia. Jabal al-Laj is 2,600 meters high.

It is also known as the Almond Hill because of the numerous almond trees planted on the slopes of the mountain. The region experiences snowfall in different seasons each year. The Tabuk area adjoins Jordan. After the snow melts in this area, the view is a beautiful sight.

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