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Social Capital App for Blood Donation launched!

Social Capital App for Blood Donation launched!

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Coimbatore Corporation along with Sri Ramakrishna Hospital and CRI Pumps today launched a software application called ‘Social Capital Software Application for Blood Donation’. The software application was launched at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital in the presence of G.Selvaraj, Joint Managing Director of CRI Pumps, V Ramakrishna, Chief operating officer SNR Sons Charitable Trust along with Raveendran, President RAAC and G.Suresh Bhandari.

V Ramakrishna, Chief operating officer SNR Sons Charitable Trust honoured Rtn.MPHF.PP.Arun Gokuldas, a 72 year old good samaritian who has donated blood 168 times and Sri Annai Karangal Nalasangam for their commitment towards blood donation for past seven years. President of RAAC, Raveendran shared with the gathering that through the Social Capital initiative, lot of meaningful reformations are being carried out in the city. And, such reformations in the field of blood donation will happen through this newly launched blood donation App, he affirmed. People will be greatly benefited through this app as catering to blood needs during unforeseen times is still critical. He also appreciated Arun Gokuldas for being so active at this age too and his commitment towards blood donation.

Dinesh from Spice Foundation who is part of the app development team shared that Social Capital is one common platform for all stakeholders like hospitals, educational institution and corporate for working towards the community. This blood donation app is available in google play store. Presently, there are many blood donation apps available but this app has been designed in a way to address to all the issues relating to blood donation, so will be undeniably a unique platform for the users.

Issues like credibility of the blood alert that we receive in our devices is one such thing we have focused thoroughly. Most of us receive blood needed alerts but most of the times those alerts are being forwarded without due verification, shockingly many time sit belongs to a request that was hosted a month ago or more than that too. Hence, we have addressed all tricky things while designing this app and also ensured it’s 100% user-friendly.

One another key feature of this app is that, alert messages are sent first only to donors who are within 5 km radius to the hospital. The alert message is closed once when the requirement is met. Thereby circulation of needs that are already been met doesn’t throng the devices over and over.

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V Ramakrishna, Chief operating officer SNR Sons Charitable Trust addressed the gathering and shared that the hospitals get calls regularly for blood requirement and this app will enable the hospital to co-ordinate well with the requirements. Hospitals in the city has to be aware of this app hence universal usage of this app by all hospitals will help serve the patients swiftly during needy times.

A mass installation drive was carried out at the event, students of Sri Ramakrishna College and Sri Annai Karangal Nalasangam installed the app on the spot. The volunteers of this NGO registered themselves in the app and also donated blood to the Ramakrishna Blood Bank.

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