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Soil extinction, a huge concern. Read what Sadhguru says?

Soil extinction, a huge concern. Read what Sadhguru says?

Soil moving towards extinction; says Sadhguru:

On the occasion of World Soil Day, Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation, has called for urgent steps to revive soil’s organic content. “For soil to be agricultural, it must contain a minimum of 3 per cent organic content,” the spiritual leader emphasised.

Taking to Twitter, Sadhguru said, “Living Soil, our very body, is moving towards extinction. Addressing this with utmost urgency is the most important Responsibility that all nations have to fulfil. #ConsciousPlanet. Let Us Make It Happen”.

To fight the threat of desertification in the world, Sadhguru says that preserving the biodiversity of the soil is the single most significant and urgent concern on the planet today. “Our attention has to shift to the soil,” he said.

As part of this, Sadhguru would be unfolding a movement to save soil called “Conscious Planet”. “Right now, it looks like climate change and ecology are the playgrounds of the rich and elite. This must change. Individual human beings should become conscious about the danger that we are facing,” he said.

The United Nations agencies have also brought forward that the world is left with agricultural soil for 80-100 crops or another 45-60 years. 80% of the biomass insects have disappeared over the last 30 years and it is predicted that within 45 to 50 years, there will be an inevitable food crisis on the planet, which will bring tremendous chaos and suffering to populations around the world.

With much attention being directed at carbon, emissions, and pollution as fundamental environmental issues, Sadhguru prompts everyone to distinguish between ecological issues and civic issues that can be addressed and reversed with the needed awareness and law enforcement. The real issue, he contends, is soil extinction.

The soil, with its nutrients and pesticides, is washed into streams and lakes, where it causes serious pollution problems for fish and other aquatic organisms. From this perspective, productive fertile soil is a nonrenewable, endangered ecosystem. If soil would not be there on earth then we will not be able to grow plants and if we don’t plant trees then we will not get essential products and we will not be able to survive.

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One of the easiest ways we can support the soil is by limiting the amount of food that ends up in our garbage. All the food that ends up in our shopping carts requires land, water, nutrients and energy to produce. By consuming more and throwing away less, we will prevent valuable nutrients from ending up in a landfill.


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