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Solo travelling- a burdenless journey

Solo travelling- a burdenless journey


“Some Journeys can be only travelled alone” – Kein Poirot.

Sometimes back, solo travelling to us meant the sound of Royal Enfields’ vrooming past us whilst we were stuck in traffic. I still remember people referring to them as Himalayan riders, though they might be visiting nearby Ooty or Kodaikanal.

The concept in recent days has gained momentum as people irrespective of gender, throw themselves out, either on weekends or long holidays. Women being great conversation starters make wonderful solo travellers.

The pleasures of travelling alone are commendable. The wind riding on your face and a non-apprehensive mind can give you wings. You are at your self in a foreign place enjoying a local delicacy, when you stumble upon a stranger and then phew…. you become friends forever.

Though travelling with family and friends is leisure, solo travel is a path-breaking journey where we can discover ourselves. It moulds us to face quirky situations and give us memories that will linger in our hearts forever.

Taking time out for ourselves in this chaotic pace of life, will surely do us wonders and who knows? It might even give us a life-changing experience.

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