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‘Space Anemia’ is a big challenge for astronauts!

‘Space Anemia’ is a big challenge for astronauts!

Space Anemia, astronauts

In the ongoing research by scientists to explore the possibility of life on Earth and whether there is life on Mars, they face many challenges. New research suggests that red blood cells may not be able to carry enough oxygen to the body.

As space travel has now become more like tourism, researchers say, not only astronauts but also astronauts may have to stay home due to anemia or red blood cell deficiency.

Astronauts are said to have “space anemia”, but research has shown that the effects are long-lasting, although it is believed to be temporary. Now, research suggests that anemia may be the primary side effect of going into space.

It was referred to as a “15-day illness” in a NASA study. Destruction or hemolysis of red blood cells was leaving astronauts out of gravity. Doctors say that this anemia occurs as a side effect of the time when the body accepts this change when it comes to the earth with the force of gravity.

Dr. Guy Trudeau of the University of Ottawa, who led the study of 14 astronauts funded by the Canadian Space Agency, said the study was published with important data on the matter.

Research has shown that having low red blood cells in space is not a problem when your body weight is very low, but on other planets, when you land on Earth, anemia can greatly affect the energy, endurance and strength of astronauts.

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