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‘Specs differ for roads laid under different schemes’ says CCMC:

‘Specs differ for roads laid under different schemes’ says CCMC:

With people expressing concern about the quality of roads, the Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation (CCMC) commissioner explained that different specifications are followed in roads laid under different funding schemes.

Most roads in the city are damaged within days of construction. People alleged that UGD pipeline works coupled with rains are causing the roads to cave in. Most roads in the city are in a bad state due to ongoing work such as the installation of pipelines for the 24×7 drinking water project, Pillur scheme 3 and Underground Drainage (UGD) project among others.

Following several complaints, the government allotted funds under schemes including Tamil Nadu Urban Roads Infrastructure Development Programme (TURIP), Nagarpura Salaigal Membattu Thittam (NSMT) and State Finance Committee (SFC) to repair the roads.

However, the quality of newly paved roads have left people worried as dents have developed in the new roads. Currently, officials are digging the newly paved road laid from Puliyakulam to Sowripalayam. B Kasinathan, a resident of Meena Estate, said, “There is no milling and roads are not laid as per specifications, which causes potholes almost immediately.

The civic officials are digging up newly paved roads citing one reason or the other. They should have completed all works and then paved the road.” Further, the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage (TWAD) Board has been carrying out the UGD works in the Kurichi- Kuniyamuthur areas for the past few years. The majority of roads in these areas are damaged and left unattended.

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To make matters worse, portions of the roads near the Perur Bypass Road and Sugunapuram in Kuniyamuthur caved in recently after the heavy rains. When inquired about it, CCMC Commissioner M Prathap told TNIE, “There are no quality issues in paving the roads. As the roads are laid under different schemes and have different thicknesses and methods of paving, people get confused. Milling is done only for roads paved under the TURIP scheme and not for roads under the NSMT.

Also, the TURIP roads will have 10 mm of WM (Wet Mix) extra when compared to the NSMT which will have 5 cm of BC (Bituminous Concrete Mixes) and 2 cm of BM (Bituminous Macadam Mixes).” “A couple of roads caved in due to a burst in old UGD lines. As Kuniyamuthur is filled with clay soil, the surface tends to become loose very soon and the roads got damaged. I’ve instructed the TWAD board officials to take necessary precautionary measures before carrying out any works on the roads in future,” he added.

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