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Sri Ramakrishna Hospital and Rotary Club Of Cotton City Unveils Innovative Mother’s Milk Bank ATM To Bridge the Gap.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital and Rotary Club Of Cotton City Unveils Innovative Mother’s Milk Bank ATM To Bridge the Gap.

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Rotary Club of Cotton City in partnership with Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, powered by Rts. Shrenik Jayantilal Bafna and M/s. Shanthiniketan Silks Pvt. Ltd inaugurated one of a kind Mother’s Milk Bank ATM on 25.02.2024 at Sri Ramakrishna Rural Health Center, Pachapalayam, Coimbatore for mothers and infants in need.

Every day the number of babies and infants who are in need of mother’s milk is increasing drastically. To encourage lactating mothers and to provide the infants in need, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital and Rotary club of cotton city inaugurated Mother’s Milk Bank ATM.

This event was presided over by Chief Guest Sri D. Lakshminarayanaswamy, Managing Trustee, SNR Sons Charitable Trust; Guest of honor, Rtn. R.S. Maruti, District Governor Nominee Designate, RID 3206. In the presence of AG Rtn. Trishla Jain and GGR Rtn. Ajay Kumar Gupta, Captain; Rtn. Tarun Kumar Ranka, Co-chairman; Rtn. Krishna Samant, President; Rtn. Prasanna Kothari, Director-Community Service; and Rtn. Dr, Neethika Prabu, Secretary.

The Mother’s Milk Bank ATM is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to provide a reliable, safe, and convenient method for mothers to donate and receive breast milk, catering to the needs of premature babies, infants, and mothers alike. Breast milk is a precious resource that provides unparalleled nutrition and essential antibodies crucial for the health and development of newborns.

The Mother’s Breast Milk Bank ATM, located at Sri Ramakrishna Rural Health Center, Pachapalayam, provides 24/7 convenient and secure platform for lactating mothers to donate excess breast milk, contributing to the well-being of vulnerable newborns. This not only supports premature and critically ill babies but also contributes to overall community health by promoting breastfeeding and its associated benefits. This Mother’s Milk Bank ATM at Sri Ramakrishna Rural Center, Pachapalayam, aims to bridge the gap for infants who, for various reasons, are unable to access an adequate supply of their mother’s milk.

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The Milk Bank ATM offers a seamless process for both donors and recipients, ensuring adherence to stringent safety and quality standards. Donors can easily donate their breast milk at the ATM, from there it will reach the Milk Bank Nectar of Life at Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore which was established in the year 2021, where it will undergo rigorous screening and pasteurization procedures to guarantee its safety and nutritional integrity. From there, breast milk is distributed at free of cost to needed mothers, babies and hospitals.

Sri Ramakrishna Hospital’s main milk bank Nectar of Life, a mother’s milk bank has collected till date 9 lakh milli-liters of milk and has donated about 8.5 lakh milli-liters to needy infants in Coimbatore and in various parts of the Kongu region.

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