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Stagnant water issue, a deep problem of Coimbatore

By Team YourCoimbatore on 12th November 2021
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After several days of pounding rainfall, water stagnated in several areas. Official machinery for its part was busy pumping out stagnant water from underpasses and roads and schools.

To avoid accidents caused by water stagnation, schools have also been instructed to ensure that water stagnation is removed at its earliest. To that dewatering and disinfection being done in schools of Coimbatore by the Corporation people.

With a let-up in rain, officials turned their focus towards the prevention of fever and other monsoon related illnesses. Ahmed and Sameeran inspected the special medical camp held at Selvapuram area where people were tested for fever, blood pressure, diabetes and Covid. The officials have instructed the health staff to keep a close watch on the health of people and take preventive action.

Without necessary People are advised to stay home to prevent various illnesses caused by the monsoon.


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