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Stench from open dumping spot at Pappanaickenpalayam in Coimbatore

Stench from open dumping spot at Pappanaickenpalayam in Coimbatore

The stench from the open dumping spot on Mariamman Koil Street, near the Bharathiar Road, in Pappanaickenpalayam, close to schools and a hospital, has caused concern to the local people. The pile-up of garbage is a common sight amid two prominent temples in the area, below a transformer, allege residents.

A parent, who walks her daughter from a private nursery and primary school on Perumal Kovil Road via this lane in Pappanaickenpalayam, said that the stench is unbearable, especially for kids. “There is a Corporation Middle School down the road, a private daycare centre and a hospital close-by. Considering this as a sensitive zone for the kids and the elderly, open dumping must be stopped,” he said.

S. Kalamegam, doctor of a hospital on a road towards Lakshmi Mills junction connecting Mariamman Koil Street, said several patients hesitate to visit the facility as foul smell pervades the air. “This stink may cause fever and infection. Corporation workers have cited road works for not collecting the waste in the past few weeks,” he added.

A. Ramesh, a resident, said the stench has become common as the spot was used for dumping frequently by locals for over a decade. It was cleared by workers every alternate day.

He said, “Drain pipe repair works were done recently on a portion of the Bharathiar Road and the debris was piled up on the entrance of the Mariamman Koil Street running behind a temple. Due to this, the Corporation vehicles to collect waste were unable to enter the lane in the past couple of weeks.”

According to him, “Those who go for work throw the waste here while travelling via the main road. Four years ago, a warning poster was placed on the location but was torn down by locals. People were warned repeatedly that this is a hindrance, especially for the electricity board workers since garbage piles up close to a transformer.”

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Another resident said the rag-pickers spread the garbage, and open the garbage bags while picking out plastic waste, which adds to the stink. The Corporation conservancy workers, who arrived in the afternoon, said they took an alternative route instead of the Bharathiar Road to reach the spot on Saturday. “The vehicle can collect only a tonne of waste as of today. The remaining will be collected either on another trip later in the day if workers are available, or in the following days,” they said.



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