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Super Star’s “Annaatthe” – An overloaded sentimentalism!

Super Star’s “Annaatthe” – An overloaded sentimentalism!


An umpteenth time script of sibling sentiment, which even misses offering old wine in a new bottle, drags to an extent which even the Super Star could not much save the movie as a whole.

It’s indisputably a joy to watch Rajnikanth perform in every movie and celebrate his screen presence… which is been the only savior here. Super Star sizzles… a sample is “Kal-Pat” scene with Nayanthara and the interval action sequence was notable. His costumes have been chosen apt and fit in great, instead of the usual white and whites. There’s a kurta he wears in “Saara Saara Kaattrae” song… just brilliant.

Except for Rajnikanth & Keerthi Suresh, all other loaded star casts are frivolous and lack new content or humor, stretching the movie big time into a sentimental saga.

Director Siva does a buffet of his earlier movies primarily and makes us watch a yesteryear movie with a weak narration, though he had India’s biggest screen stealer as his protagonist.

Finally, one wonders… Did Keerthy Suresh at least get a chance to see her husband and revive him back, instead the Director was busy showing another sibling issue among villains, which was unnecessary? And all the absurd antagonists have been characterized as forceless, waiting to get a blast from the Super Star every time.

While the entire Kolkatta media in the movie is speaking about Annaatthe, Keerthi Suresh never gets to know about it.

D. Imman’s couple of songs are hummable fitting in the mass feel… and all other technical aspects are average.

Might be a festival time paisa-vasool, with no big competition… but the product does not impress.

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Verdict: Too many sentiments will make it tiresome!

Review by ~ Ram Arunachalam

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