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Support of backward communities says R.P.N. Singh in an interview

Support of backward communities says R.P.N. Singh in an interview


Former Union Minister R.P.N. Singh, who recently joined the BJP, speaks to Nistula Hebbar on the party’s poll prospects in the crucial Poorvanchal belt of Uttar Pradesh…..

You have been a former MLA from the area, an MP, this particular election, especially in Eastern U.P. is set to hinge on the pichda (backward) vote or the non–Yadav OBCs, who went with the BJP in 2017. How do you see your role?

I can only say it’s a misconception that these communities are not with the BJP. I can clearly see that not only are they with the party but with me joining the BJP it is very clear that their interest is in voting for the BJP and in huge numbers.

The only thing is that these communities are not very vocal in expressing their opinion at least in these parts, but I have found that there is no such disenchantment with the party which is being alluded to. In the beginning the tickets are announced, in all parties, we see a bit of movement and resentment, but as the election has progressed I have seen everyone, including those denied tickets, pull together for the party.

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