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Surasamaharam is not always at Thiruthani! Do you know the reason?

Surasamaharam is not always at Thiruthani! Do you know the reason?


Thiruthani Subramania Swamy Temple is the fifth house of Lord Murugan’s sacrificial houses. Devotees from all over Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka visit this famous temple of Lord Murugan.

During the Kanda Sashti festival, it is customary to perform Surasamaharam at the Murugan temples. But do you know the reason why Surasamaharam does not take place in Thiruthani, the Fifth Battalion house in the sacrificial houses, the important sites of Murugan? Due to the slaying of Surana in Thiruchendur, the Surasamaharam is held annually in the temples of Lord Murugan all over the world. But, it doesn’t just take place at the Revival. Murugan, who had killed Surapadmana, came from there and calmed down on Thiruthani hill.

Therefore, instead of Surasamaharam in Thiruthani, Pushpanjali is conducted for Shanmuga Peruman who is Utsavara. That is why Murugan, who killed Surana in Thiruchendur, is adorned with flowers to appease Thiruthani. Kanda Purana says that the best of the mountains is Tiruthanikai. If you think that you have to go to the mountain of correction, the disease will go away. The myth also tells the reason for that.

Thiruchendur does not contain the wrath of Lord Murugan, even though Surana was the place where the war ended to solve the misery of the gods. Shanmugan’s anger subsided after the censorship came and the censorship site is hailed as the place where the anger subsided.

Similarly, after Murugan had fought with the Vadras to take the hand of Kuramagal Valli, after the revival came, Murugan calmed down and sat down. So if you think of censorship, the hope is that misery will subside. Although Tiruthanikai is famous as one of the Sacrifice Houses, it is not only a place where the wrath of Lord Murugan is quenched and the mind is calmed down, but also a place where the fears of the gods are alleviated and the place where the worries of the devotees are alleviated.

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