7th December 2021
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PSG iTech: The top institutions’ contribution to the smart city mission.

by on 14th October 2021 0
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Coimbatore Smart City Limited (CSCL) and the Department of Civil Engineering at PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research (PSG iTech) on 11th October. Shri. L. Gopalakrishnan, Managing Trustee, PSG & Sons’ Charities, and Mr. Raja Gopal Sunkara, Commissioner of Coimbatore Corporation, signed the MoU. According... Read More

Coimbatore corporation’s decides to beautify city – 9thAug 2021

by on 9th August 2021 0
Coimbatore corporation said “Posters of political parties and commercial establishments on compound walls, buildings, and pillars of flyovers across the city remain an eyesore” as published in TOI Coimbatore Corporation Move “Flyovers are supposed to be our pride when we boast our infrastructure facilities. They should be maintained in a better way as it... Read More

Increased Covid19 tests in the city; new orders for healthcare workers – 6th Aug 2021

by on 6th August 2021 1
Coimbatore corporation commissioner ordered the health care workers to take Covid19 tests for the laborers working in their respective industrial areas as per standards from TOI Coimbatore. It should be done with care to protect the virus spread among the workers. Increased Covid19 tests Health care workers, who conduct door-to-door checking for covid19 symptoms... Read More

‘your coimbatore junction’ weekly glances this week’s extraordinary news in and around CBE 18-25July

by on 25th July 2021 0
your coimbatore.com’s initiative ‘your coimbatore junction weekly’ shares this week’s happenings in and around the Coimbatore   Your coimbatore junction weekly A vaccination camp in the city on Saturday saw people fighting over not being allowed to go out for breakfast before getting inoculated according to the Times of India. Doctors advised people to... Read More

250 Vaccine tokens a day makes Coimbatore people struggle with least social distancing

by on 23rd July 2021 1
Due to the shortage of vaccines, the vaccine tokens were provided to avoid the crowd, but, at Periyanayakapalayam in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore, hundreds of villagers flouted the pandemic protocols to gather outside a Covid-19 vaccination center for the vaccine tokens according to INDIA TODAY Social distancing The awareness about the corona vaccine created this... Read More
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