7th December 2021
  • 7th December 2021

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Pest Forecast for the Month of April 2017

by on 20th April 2017 0
Rice Leaffolder and stemborer incidence are noticed in rice growing tracks. Hence, farmers are advised to spray neem seed kernel extract 5% along with sticking agent 2.5 ml/lit and also set up light traps (2.5/ha) to monitor the pest population. If needed spray either phosphamidon 40SL 562 ml/ha or profenofos 50EC 1000 ml/ha. In... Read More

TNAU Top among the State Agricultural Universities

by on 4th April 2017 0
National Institute for Ranking Frame Work (NIRF) under the Ministry of Human Resource Development has released rank list of Institute of Higher learning in India for 2017, based on teaching, learning, resources, research and professional development, students outcome, outreach and inclusiveness. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore is bagged 17th rank among Indian Universities.... Read More

TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

by on 4th April 2017 0
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) will offer one-day training on “Bee Keeping” on 6-4-2017 (Thursday) at the Department of Agrl. Entomology.  Hands on training will be imparted on the following subjects: Identification of bee species and social organization of bees Rearing Indian bees in boxes, general and seasonal management Bee forage, yield increase of... Read More

Hello Coimbatore!

by on 1st September 2016 0
Welcome to YourCoimbatore.com – all things coimbatore! We have great pleasure in building this up from here… this is a blog for all things coimbatore. We live in a great place and we believe there is so much happening in Coimbatore across arts, science, engineering startup and what not, this is the platform for all... Read More