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TiE announces ‘StartUp Strides’ ahead of the first ever Global Summit

by on 29th November 2016 0
Are you an entrepreneur, or someone looking to be one, and you are looking to startup? Here is an opportunity to flex it up physically by joining the Mini Marathon courtesy TiE, the world’s largest network of entrepreneurs and investment professionals, all set to organize their first ever Global run in India, ‘StartupStrides’ on December... Read More

Hello Coimbatore!

by on 1st September 2016 0
Welcome to YourCoimbatore.com – all things coimbatore! We have great pleasure in building this up from here… this is a blog for all things coimbatore. We live in a great place and we believe there is so much happening in Coimbatore across arts, science, engineering startup and what not, this is the platform for all... Read More