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Tata Nexon: Stunning EV with super mileage

Tata Nexon: Stunning EV with super mileage

Tata Nexon

In India, people are worried about rising petrol and diesel prices and rising fuel costs. However, in a situation like this, people switching to economical electric vehicles would be a good choice.

The cost of using electric vehicles is much lower compared to vehicles running on petrol and diesel. This will help you save your money. Currently, many people in India are ready to switch to electric vehicles. If you too have turned your attention to the page of electric vehicles, this will be the record for you. In this post, you can learn about an amazing electric vehicle. This vehicle can travel up to 500 km at a cost of just Rs 290.

The price range for the Tata Nexon EV starts at Rs 14,24,000. This car can reach 0 to 100 kmph in 9.9 seconds. This car is powered by a permanent magnet AC motor. It produces 245 Nm of peak torque. The car has an IP67 certified 30.2 kWh lithium-ion battery.

With a fast charger, this car can be charged up to 80% in 1 hour. If you use a home charger, it takes about 8 hours to fully charge the battery. At full charge, the Tata Nexon EV can travel up to 312 km, which means that this bike has a range of 312 km on a single charge.

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