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Taxes for those who have not been vaccinated!

Taxes for those who have not been vaccinated!

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The corona epidemic that rocked China in 2019 continues to threaten the world’s population to this day. Assuming that these are declining every day, these continue to evolve exponentially with a variety of transformations, challenging scientists.

Corona’s variant Omigron has once again paralyzed the population, as its impact began to wane last year and people were returning to normal.

Every government is taking serious measures to protect the people from the impact of such diseases. One of the most important of these is vaccination, as vaccines have the potential to reduce corona infection to some extent and many governments are urging people to pay for it.

Many countries have started giving booster vaccines as a third dose to people due to the rapid spread of the disease, having previously been given two doses of the vaccine at intervals.

But still, in most places, people are coming without even paying the first two doses. The Government of Canada has enacted a draconian law for non-vaccinated people, with different governments imposing different rules to protect the interests of the people.

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