17th January 2022
  • 17th January 2022

Tesla sells 10 lakh cars in 2021!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 4th January 2022
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In 2021, Tesla sold a record 936,172 vehicles. Its sales are expected to increase by 87% in 2021 over 2020. Tesla will sell 499,550 vehicles in 2020. The company sold 308,600 cars in the final quarter of 2021. The company has achieved record sales despite many challenges.

Of the vehicles delivered, 11,750 were sold in the Model S and X, and 296,850 in the Model 3 and Y. Of the 936,172 vehicles exported last year, Models 3 and Y were the largest export compared to the others. 24,964 cars in the S and X models have been exported. Tesla plans to increase its sales percentage by 50% each year.

Although car sales did not reach 1 million last year, the company has surpassed its target of 50% sales. Last November, Tesla CEO Ellen Musk told workers to stop delivering by the end of the quarter and focus on cutting costs.

Many car companies have pumped their brakes due to increasing chip shortages. Tesla has redesigned its software to alleviate this shortage. It then ceased production at its factory in California in February.

There were also some complaints that USB ports were missing in some vehicles due to such shortages. Since Hertz’s merger with Tesla in October, Tesla’s value has surpassed $ 1 trillion.

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