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The ball bumps into the stumps but the Bails do not fall!

By Team YourCoimbatore on 8th January 2022
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The 4th Test of the Ashes series between England and Australia is being played in Sydney. England continued batting on Day 3. Ben Stokes batted in an overthrown by Cameron Green. In that over, Ben Stokes was given the on-field umpire to appeal to the LPW and appeal to the Australian players.

But Ben Stokes appealed against it in an instant. In the TV replay, it became clear that it was not LPW. However, the ball, which was thrown at a speed of 134 kmph, collided with the off stump. The Australian players were very disappointed to see this. Even Benstokes, who was on the field, looked at the replay and laughed. Later, the Anfield umpire was ruled out and he continued to play.

The ball was thrown at 134 km and the stump bails did not fall, much to everyone’s surprise. Former Australian star Warne and others have expressed dissatisfaction. Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar has also shared the video on his Twitter page, calling for a new rule in cricket.

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