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The bizarre laws of Pakistan; How do people live?

The bizarre laws of Pakistan; How do people live?

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Every country in the world has many laws for law and order. But some countries also have strange laws. If you know some strange laws in India’s neighbor Pakistan, you will start to think about how the people there live.

According to Pakistan’s law, girlfriends cannot be like Westerners. The government does not allow you to live with a woman without getting married, which means you need to get married. If a boy lives with his girlfriend, he is sentenced to prison. Some time ago a strange bill was introduced in the province of Sindh. Accordingly, it is mandatory for people to get married at the age of 18. Apart from this, those who do not respect this law will be punished.

While English is spoken and read all over the world, translating some Arabic words into English is banned in Pakistan. No Pakistan citizen can criticize or mock his Prime Minister. Under Pakistan’s cybercrime law, it is not possible to share memes on social media to make fun of someone. If you do, you will have to pay a fine. If a student in Pakistan spends more than Rs 2 lakh on his studies, he has to pay 5 percent tax on it.

Pakistan does not allow its citizens to go to Israel. Because the government of Pakistan is saying that Israel is not a country. That is why the government does not issue visas to go to Israel. During Ramadan in Pakistan, no citizen can eat anything in public. In Pakistan, it is considered illegal to accidentally touch someone else’s phone. Touching someone else’s phone without permission is punishable by up to 6 months in prison.

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