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The Coconut Purchase began in the Chengeri Regulatory Sale

The Coconut Purchase began in the Chengeri Regulatory Sale


Coconut trees are increasingly cultivated in Sultanbate, Sultanbate, Salemeri, Vadambaseri, Sultanbuthur and in the areas of it. This coconut are sent to various locations for coconut sub-products like oil, and other products.

In this case, the regulatory sale in the Singhari area was announced on behalf of the government last month and the first coconuts were purchased by farmers. But the sales was suddenly stopped.

Meanwhile, this regulatory sale began in the shipping purchase. 9 farmers brought 200 clipballs for sale with 50 kg. Including the rank of the Kilk Kilg Rs.105.90, the ball coconut was purchased for Rs.110.

In this regulatory sales supervisor Ishah, more than 250 farmers have reserved for the sale of the coconut at this regulatory sales hall. Here farmers can contact the farmers between 10 am to 5 pm.


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